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Aesthetic and Functional Eyelid Surgery and Aesthetic Services

As we age, our appearance invariably changes. Many factors are involved, including reduced skin elasticity, sun damage, and for many, smoking and pollution. Some people, regardless of age, have plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons: To look better, feel younger, or for occupational needs.

Others notice that changes around the eyes may cause symptoms: A feeling of heaviness, tiredness, or fatigue. Or a loss of upper visual field. These people also benefit from surgery to restore the functional status of the eyelids. And functional surgery may be partially or fully covered by insurance as well! Those having functional surgery will also wind up looking better and younger, as a side benefit!

Dr. Yaros is pleased to offer a variety of techniques to help achieve these goals.

A great way to get started in facial rejuvenation is to try a chemical peel to help with reducing fine wrinkles, improving the complexion, and helping with dark circles.

Dr. Yaros also offers other skin enhancing procedures, with no down time: BOTOX(TM) is an FDA approved treatment for the so called "frown lines." Other "off-label' areas may benefit from treatment in certain patients.

Fillers, now surprisingly affordable, can help with the heavy skin folds running vertically from the nose to the mouth, or even the chin. They can also help smooth out other deeper lines, or depressed scars.

When doing eyelid or facial surgery, such as for droopy lids or under-eye "bags," Dr. Yaros often uses the CO2 laser or Radiofrequency electrode surgery. Skin incisions, and even entire procedures can be performed with little or no bleeding! This makes for a quicker procedure, with much less postoperative bruising, swelling, and pain. Very few doctors use these techniques.

 The CO2 laser is also used for skin resurfacing, a technique designed to enhance the complexion and soften or eliminate wrinkles. Insurances call it cosmetic, although many feel it may help destroy precancerous tissue in those prone to skin cancers.

Whatever your facial cosmetic or functional eyelid needs, Dr. Yaros can help you achieve your goal.