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A cataract forms when the natural human lens develops abnormalities, such as cloudiness or poor focusing.
Symptoms can include eyestrain, prescription changes, blurriness, glare, poor contrast, ghosting, poor color perception, poor night vision, and loss of vision.
The time to treat a cataract is when you want or need to see better, and taking out the cataract can accomplish this.
Cataracts are treated surgically. It is a brief, usually painless procedure performed at an outpatient surgery center. Sedation is given to relax you. There are usually no sutures and no patch except for a plastic shield at bedtime for the first week. One eye is done at a time.
We typically perform surgery at Wills (Cherry Hill), Summit (Voorhees), and Kennedy outpatient (Washington Township).
Cataract surgery usually results not only in better vision, but also in reduced need for glasses. Many patients, even those with thick glasses, can often see distance well without glasses afterwards. Special implants can now allow many patients to do away with glasses altogether.
(see Crystalens, Toric Implants)