Advanced Eyecare and Laser Center P.C.  


Welcome to our practice!

Please make every effort to schedule your appointment when you can make it, and to keep your appointment. Please give us at least 24 hours notice if you cannot keep the appointment.

We hope to help you with your eyecare needs. On your first visit we will begin a permanent record. Please bring your old glasses with you even if they are broken or unsatisfactory. If you wear contacts, bring them also, as well as your contact lens case, and the packs they come in or any prescription information.

Bring a list of your medical conditions, medications and dosages, drug allergies, and insurances with cards.

On your arrival we will ask you to sign in and complete a brief history and registration form. These forms are updated YEARLY or as necessary. Please arrive early to allow time to complete these forms and register in. The HISTORY is important to allow Dr. Yaros to focus on the most important concerns. ALL medical records are kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL! You will be offered a copy of our privacy notice, also posted on our website.

If your visit is for a complete exam, it may take an hour or more, so please allow time! And if you have both contacts and glasses, allow ADDITIONAL time! Sometimes these exams may be done in two visits. Allow 30-60 minutes for follow-up exams.

New contact lenses cannot be prescribed without first doing a fitting or confirming that previously prescribed lenses are satisfactory. New fittings are normally only done in the Runnemede location.

Some patients require dilation of the pupils with eyedrops. This may temporarily blur the vision, especially up close, and induce light sensitivity. Bringing sunglasses is helpful. The effects usually wear off in hours, but can occasionally last a day or more. Some patients also prefer someone else to drive home.

Many new patients are referred by physicians or other satisfied patients. Please tell the secretary how you heard about us!

Many managed care plans require referrals and co-pays. Know your insurance plan and whether a referral or co-pay is required! It is your responsibility to make sure your coverage is up-to-date, and that appropriate referrals have been sent. Our highly trained staff can help! If referred by a doctor for a problem, make sure the referral says "consult and treat/evaluate." On your arrival, allow time for our staff to verify your coverage and referral on the date of your visit.

Please choose from one of our 4 convenient office locations for elective visits: CHERRY HILL, RUNNEMEDE, BERLIN, or MULLICA HILL. See the map pages and directions page. Handicap accommodations are also listed on the ?office policies? page.

Our offices are smoke-free!

You may want to get to know our doctor prior to your visit. Please visit his page.

For information on billing and insurances, please see that page.

If your eye history is significant, we can help you arrange transfer of your old records.

Thank you for choosing ADVANCED EYECARE and LASER CENTER!

If you appreciate our services, remember to refer us to your friends and family. If we are lacking in any way, let us know and we will make every effort to improve!